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05 April 2010

Top Ten Easter Activities!

Hello everyone and Happy Easter!

As we all know Easter Sunday was yesterday and I hope that all of you have an enjoyable holiday weekend. There certainly are a lot of Easter activities one could have partaken in. Here are my top ten.

Top Ten Easter Activities:

1. Dying Easter Eggs (of course!) -Who could deny that this is just one of the most popular Easter traditions. My boyfriend and I spent Thursday night dying ours and we definitely ended up with some great masterpieces.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

3. Baking Easter Treats -including festive cupcakes and cookies!

4. Visiting the Easter Bunny -at several mall and store locations throughout the season.

5. Snoopy Cookie Decorating -courtesy of CVS Pharmacy my boyfriend and I found a Snoopy (from the Peanuts) Cookie and giant Marshmallow decorating kit, complete with edible food markers.

6. Easter egg paper-mache -just blow up balloons, cover them with newspaper paper-mache and paint them like Easter eggs.

7. The Pittsburgh Tribune Review's Peeps Show Contest- this annual contest involves creating a diorama scene from pop culture or history using marshmallow peeps. Though I didn't win this year, you can still check out my entries and the others here!

8. Easter egg roll

9. Making cotton ball bunnies.

10. Visiting real live bunnies at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society on the Northside. -This is not just an Easter event. Every Saturday until 4p.m the Humane Society hosts a meet and greet on the second floor with the bunnies that are up for adoption. You can interact with them and hey, you might even end up bringing one home!

What are some of your fav Easter activities? Share them with Mission: List!

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