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26 April 2010

Rain, Rain...Go Away

Ugh, another rainy day in the 'Burgh, but hey! April showers, bring May flowers! Here is a great list of twenty things to do on a rainy day, courtesy of the Associated Content website.

1. Make paper airplanes and fly them across the room.
2. Have your own film festival. Pick a theme and rent several action movies, or sci fi movies, or movies with the same actor in them.
3. Go to a museum or an aquarium
4. Do crossword puzzles - even make your own puzzles!
5. Try sudoku puzzles, fun for the whole family.
6. Play Scrabble, Monopoly or Candyland or another board game.
7. Bake cookies and give some to your family or friends.
8. Tell family stories and take the time to learn about family history.
9. Call someone you care about for a talk.
10. Make tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
11. Make shadow puppets with your hands and a flashlight on the wall.
12. Make mandalas. Learn more about them here:
13. Make paper bag puppets with lunch bags.
14. Teach the children how to say hello and goodbye in a foreign language.
15. Teach mom how to play the video game all the kids are playing.
16. Get pizza delivered for lunch and eat it picnic style on the floor.
17. Draw pictures to send to the grandparents and other relatives. Sit down and write actual letters to everyone.
18. Go to the library and have everyone get a book they like. Take turns reading out loud from your books reading to each other.
19. Watch the Discovery channel and learn about animals and nature.
20. Write a funny story together, everyone writing one sentence until you get to "The End".

What are you going to do on this rainy day? Share your plans with Mission:List!

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