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31 March 2010

Welcome to the Mission: List Blog!

Hello and welcome to Mission: List! My name is Gloria, and some of you may already know me from my other blog The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot.

After managing The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot for over a year now, I decided I was ready to launch a new blog. Mission: List is 'Burgh based, of course, but will include a variety of national and world-wide topics anyone can relate to. But these won't just be traditional posts, they will be lists.

I always loved making lists, from a very young age. I started by listing simple things, like favorite colors and so on and this continued throughout my life. Recently I discovered that there is a vast community of 'listers' out there in the world, when I came across the journal-book, Listography, which has branched out to include a love, teens and 2010 planner edition. This journal inspired book is completely made up of lists -favorite love songs, vacation destinations, and more!

I combined the realization of the existence of a mass community list-lovers with the fact that people want fun, simple, informative blogs and I came up with the idea for Mission: List.

So what's the mission in a nutshell? Provide people with fun, interactive, lists with useful information for everyday life, about Pittsburgh or just to brighten up their day!

Is there a list that you want to see? Tell Mission: List!

*Live, Love, List

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